Saxophone WAS-310: Keys F&Eb | Gold Paint

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Introducing the Saxophone WAS-310, an exquisitely crafted instrument designed for musicians seeking a rich, expressive tone. This Eb saxophone features a brass baking gold paint finish, a brass blowing tube with gold paint, and a treble F key for enhanced versatility. With a high-grade waterproof leather mat and superior bakelite flute head, the WAS-310 promises a remarkable playing experience that balances comfort, durability, and performance.

Discover the Saxophone WAS-310, an extraordinary instrument designed to offer musicians the ultimate platform for creative expression and precision. Combining exceptional sound quality with superior craftsmanship, the WAS-310 is a must-have for any serious saxophonist.

A Beautiful Tone in the Key of Eb

The WAS-310 is meticulously crafted to produce a beautiful and expressive tone in the key of Eb. This unique tuning allows musicians to explore various musical styles, delivering a versatile performance across genres from classical to jazz.

Elegant Brass Baking Gold Paint Material

Constructed using high-quality brass with a baking gold paint finish, the Saxophone WAS-310 boasts an elegant appearance that is both visually striking and durable. This stunning design not only enhances the instrument’s aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its lasting resilience.

Brass Blowing Tube with Gold Paint

The WAS-310 features a brass blowing tube adorned with gold paint, ensuring a seamless and comfortable playing experience. This carefully designed element promotes ease of use, allowing musicians to focus on their technique and performance without distractions.



Inclusion of a Treble F Key

Equipped with a treble F key, the Saxophone WAS-310 offers increased playing versatility. This feature allows musicians to access a wider range of notes, enhancing their creative expression and ability to tackle more complex pieces.

High-Grade Waterproof Leather Mat

The WAS-310 comes fitted with a high-grade waterproof leather mat, which not only provides protection but also ensures optimal performance. This premium material defends against moisture and wear, prolonging the instrument’s life and maintaining its exceptional sound quality.

In summary, the Saxophone WAS-310 is an exceptional instrument that blends outstanding sound quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and innovative features to provide an unparalleled musical experience. For musicians seeking to elevate their performance and explore new creative possibilities, the WAS-310 is the ideal choice.

As a devoted saxophone player, I was excited to explore the world of music with the Weilaisi Saxophone WAS-310. This beautifully crafted instrument has proven to be the perfect companion for my musical journey, inspiring me to new heights.



The moment I began playing the WAS-310, I was captivated by its rich and expressive Eb tone. This unique sound allowed me to delve into various musical styles and expand my creative horizons.

The brass baking gold paint finish of the WAS-310 not only radiates elegance but also demonstrates outstanding durability. The brass blowing tube with gold paint offered a seamless playing experience, ensuring that I could focus on perfecting my technique without any hindrances.

Incorporating a treble F key, the WAS-310 provided me with an increased range of notes, enabling me to tackle more intricate pieces with ease. This feature proved invaluable in enhancing my overall musical expression and capabilities.

What impressed me most was the high-grade waterproof leather mat that effectively protected the instrument and maintained its exceptional sound quality. This premium material ensured the longevity of my saxophone even with regular use.

Lastly, the superior bakelite flute head struck the perfect balance between tone and playability. Its innovative design produced a warm, resonant sound while keeping the instrument comfortable and effortless to play.

In conclusion, my experience with the Weilaisi Saxophone WAS-310 has been truly inspiring. This exceptional instrument has not only elevated my performance but also motivated me to push the boundaries of my musical expression. I wholeheartedly recommend the WAS-310 to anyone seeking to take their saxophone playing to new levels.


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