How Heavy is a Baritone Saxophone

How Heavy is a Baritone Saxophone?

A baritone saxophone, being one of the larger members of the saxophone family, weighs significantly more than its smaller counterparts. On average, a baritone saxophone weighs around 12 to 15 pounds (5.4 to 6.8 kilograms). This weight is for the instrument itself and doesn’t include the additional weight of a case or other accessories.

Factors Influencing the Weight of a Baritone Saxophone

Different factors contribute to the weight of a baritone saxophone, including the material it is made from, the manufacturing process, and the specific design features.


Baritone saxophones are generally made of brass, which is quite a heavy metal. Some models may also include additional materials, such as gold or silver plating, that can add to the overall weight.Materials

Manufacturing Process:

The manufacturing process, including the thickness of the brass, the type of construction (ribbed or non-ribbed), and the amount of handwork involved, can influence the weight of the saxophone.Manufacturing Process

Design Features:

Design features such as the addition of a low A key, extra bracing, or engraved decorations can also add to the weight.

Handling the Weight of a Baritone Saxophone

Because of its considerable weight, a baritone saxophone often requires a neck strap or a harness to be played comfortably. These accessories distribute the weight across the player’s body, reducing strain on the neck and hands. Players should choose a strap or harness that suits their body type and playing style.

When not in use, a baritone saxophone is usually stored in a sturdy case. These cases are designed to protect the instrument while also making it easier to transport. The case adds to the overall weight that needs to be carried but provides essential protection for the instrument.


The baritone saxophone’s weight is a significant consideration for players, particularly those who are smaller in stature or younger. However, with the correct use of supportive accessories like a neck strap or harness, it’s possible to handle and play this beautiful instrument with relative ease. For more insights on the saxophone family, you might want to visit this Wikipedia page.

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