Is a Saxophone a Horn?

Yes, the saxophone can be considered a horn in the context of musical terminology. The term “horn” is often used to refer to any wind instrument, and as the saxophone is indeed a wind instrument, it falls under this category. However, it’s important to note that the saxophone is distinct from the instrument specifically referred to as a “horn”, which is a brass instrument also known as the French horn.

Understanding Wind Instruments

Wind instruments are a large category of musical instruments that generate sound by the vibration of air, typically through the player’s breath. These can be subdivided into two main groups: woodwind instruments and brass instruments. Both groups are commonly referred to as ‘horns’ in colloquial language.Is a Saxophone a Horn

Saxophone: A Unique Blend of Brass and Woodwind

The saxophone presents an interesting case in the world of wind instruments. Although it is physically made of brass, it is considered a woodwind instrument due to its method of sound production. This is because, unlike brass instruments which create sound through the buzzing of the lips against a cup-shaped mouthpiece, the saxophone uses a single-reed mouthpiece, similar to that of a clarinet.

A Look at the French Horn

On the other hand, the French horn, often simply called a ‘horn’, is a classic example of a brass instrument. The term ‘horn’ in music often refers specifically to this instrument, which can lead to some confusion when used in the broader context to refer to any wind instrument.

Conclusion: The Saxophone as a Horn

In the context of music, when we refer to a ‘horn’, we could be talking about any wind instrument, including the saxophone. But remember, this is a broad and somewhat colloquial usage of the term. In more specific terms, the saxophone is a woodwind instrument, despite being made of brass, and it should not be confused with the French horn, which is a specific type of brass instrument.


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